Programme Update: August 2018

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August 2018


August has seen the continued development of the campus level and field level slab. The campus level walls have commenced for the wedged steps, including the installation of the final drainage run and service ducts.


During August the steel frame commenced heading south spanning over the swimming pool, with the largest of the trusses being erected on GL 7. This single piece of frame weighed 22 tonnes.

The decking for the upper floors has commenced for the northern end of the building.

Pre-cast beams above the swimming pool have been installed and fire protection to the steel frame has also commenced.

September 2018

During September we should expect completion of the substructure and the steel frame continuing south creating the full skeleton of the building.

Upper floor slab should be well progressed.

Commencement of the façade works at the northern end of the building should really show the project taking shape.

Building Fact File

  • The structure above the swimming pool, utilises pre cast concrete beams. The heaviest weighing 14 tonnes. All the beams above the swimming pool weighing in at 270 tonnes!

Community Engagement

Recycling figures and local labour resourced displayed via community engagement board.

You Said, We Did!

Weekend noise – steel installation suspended weekend due to noise. McLaren adheres to the planning constraints.

Local and looking for work?

As one of the largest UK most successful privately owned businesses we have a vested interest in engaging with the local communities in which we work. We make every effort to support local workers, residents and the wider community.

Working alongside Considerate Constructors, we have developed a local employment initiative. If you hold a valid CSCS licence and would like to work on site, please call either:

Search on 01273 855021, Elliot Scott on 01293 817749 or Randstad on 01273 974829 to discuss future opportunities.

We are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). The CCS is the national initiative set up by the industry to impose high standards within the construction industry. This means that we pride ourselves on complying with a Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.

On site CCS contact details:

Dannika McCulloch: 03330 770921

Olivia King: 03330 585829

CCS Registration Number: ID 60156

Site operating hours

The current hours of operation agreed with Brighton & Hove Council are:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm