Programme Update: April 2018

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April 2018

April has seen the start to the field level slab decking and the excavation of the swimming pool.

Removal of earth has continued alongside the swimming pool excavation with 2 – 3 lorries on turn around. Tower Crane 2 is now up and running!

May 2018

During May we will see the field level slab continue in the southern direction and the swimming pool cast taking us over half way through the casting of the campus slab.

The structural steelwork is due to commence in the latter part of the month this will be heading north from the centre of the footprint finishing during June when we head south completing the full frame by the start of August.

Removal of earth will continue through to May & completing in June.

Building Fact File

  • If you were to lay all the building piles out in a line, they would stretch the length of Brighton Pier 25 times!

  • The new development will feature Brighton’s first and only rooftop running track.

Community Engagement

McLaren are inviting the local residents to an evening of question and answers and to meet the team on:

Monday, 11 June at 5.00pm-6.00pm


  • Our office waste has currently been recycled back into the local grid through the local energy plant, producing enough energy to power one home for a month!

Considerate Constructors Scheme

We are pleased to announce that our construction site has recently achieved Performace Beyond Compliance on the CC Scheme. More information on this available here.

On site CCS contact details:

Jason Burnett: 03330 772 148

CCS Registration Number: ID 60156